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Learn how to convert an interested potential customer into your newest member, all through text messaging! Also receive editable graphics you can send through DM's to help them choose the best way to get started. Every wellness advocate needs these tiny scripts + graphics saved to their phone to make selling a breeze :)

Oily Bundle Membership (Selling in DM's FREE with membership)

This membership contains the best content from Jen Bitner & Kat Abianac's most successful courses ever released - rebuilt fresh from the ground up, resulting in unprecedented results for students.

Jen Bitner is a powerhouse leader who went from 0 enrolments to Diamond in just 24 months. She founded the dōPLANNER and has a successful coaching business.

Kat Abianac is a professional social media expert, successful business coach and Silver ranked doTERRA advocate, who lives and breathes marketing.

The Oily Bundle x The dōPLANNER is the most powerful collaboration in the Oily space yet!

This is for you if:

You'd like a proven methodology to use to make sales
You have tapped out your warm market and struggle finding leads
Don’t know what to say on social media
Don’t know what to say to close sales
Want a consistent stream of enrolments and ones that help you rank advance
Need help in the mindset department
Need help re-igniting your biz
You are willing to put in the work

Here’s some of what we’ll be doing:

Getting clarity on your niche, positioning and offerings

Setting 12 month goals to document your progress

Running a launch or re-launch for your doTERRA business

Growing your online followers organically without the stress of falling behind or not doing enough

Developing your online connections and ecosystem in an authentic, value - first way.

This program ideally runs over a minimum of 6 months, to get the most out of the community.

It’s ONLY $29/m (Yes seriously!) we wanted to share our high end coaching at an affordable rate because we really want to see you do big things and have access to trade marketing and sales secrets to get you there?

With an Expert Sales Queen and Expert Social Media Strategist you won’t find high level trainings like this, for this price ANYWHERE!

***** The $7 Selling in DM's is FREE inside this membership, along with many other amazing tools!



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